At Reymond Sajor’s Fans Gathering

30 01 2007

Jerome Villadolid, Roma Escaner, Cynthia Sanchez, Marife Villaroman and I enjoyed the fans gathering of Reymond Sajor, Philippine Idol Finalist at the Sandbox, My Place in Katipunan. Reymond sang Panunumpa excellently during the affair.


30 01 2007

24 January 2007. Fr. Jboy Gonzales SJ gave a talk on the role of music in the liturgy to the members of the Ateneo Campus Ministry Group (ACMG) at the Social Science Complex.

The Liturgical Music Talk to Antipolo Music Ministries

22 01 2007

Fr. Jboy Gonzales SJ gave the Liturgical Music Seminar for the music ministries in the whole diocese of Antipolo. The talk was held at the San Clemente Parish Church in Angono, Rizal on January 20, 2007. This was organized by Fr. Rodney Cruz, the parish priest of San Clemente and the Antipolo’s head of liturgy and Bro. Maui who gave the morning talk to them. The talk was from 1pm to 4pm.

Philippine Idol at JMM

11 01 2007

Philippine Idol’s Arms Cruz, Drae Ibanez and Markki Stroem who flew from Switzerland came to visit us at the Jesuit Music Ministry. Early on, Raymond Sajor, was our guest at the office. Here are some pictures when they tried the Jescom, SFX Studio.