Office Renovation and the Music Library

17 11 2006

Functional and Productive Space

Renovating the small Jesuit Music Ministry office was not just a matter of lugging office equipment into a room that formerly looked like a nursery with white wallpaper and cabinets with blue, red, and yellow paint. The cabinets were huge and hardly lend efficiency to the office space.

So shortly after finding the office too cramped, we decided to actively do something about it. The small space should be designed efficiently, considering power supply for laser printers, two new computers for the digital music library and recording, clavinova, the component, the telefax machines and Jerome’s work area. Lighting had to be considered.

There should be a relaxing space for receiving friends, musicians, and guests. So we decided to paint it avocado green, design overhead cabinets in natural wood finish and working tables with recessed monitors to get a clean look.

We tried have an office that does not resemble obstacle courses. We got rid of unnecessary furniture and clutter. All these so that we will be able to work productively and enjoyably. The last word was greatly considered: with the stress involved, at least the office space gives you reason to stay happy. Compartments for composers had been designated for their use, with built-in shelving that boosts productivity.

And finally we placed some eye candy with well-located paintings and some photos that added a visual punch to the office design and made the room more an appealing space to work in. Thus, JMM has become a functional work space and a pleasant, productive place to work.




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